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How It Works

How It Works

How does SignOnTheLine help me access working capital?

We use a new and radical approach designed to guide and manage your monetary needs by offering you a more responsive alternative to common bank lending.

How does it work?

We use MCAs - or Merchant Cash Advance. These are not loans; instead, think of it as a purchase and sale of cash. It’s a great way to keep cash flow steady, while accessing capital. It works especially well for business owners who are comfortable having the amount they remit fluctuate with daily sales. instead of sending a large amount once a month, a flat percentage of your business’ credit and debit card sales are automatically remitted daily. This means that on your busiest days, you pay the highest amount, and payment stop automatically once the cash purchase is complete.

How do I know if I qualify?

Simple! There is just a few questions to ask: 1)Have you been in business for at least 3 months? 2) Do you have at least $15,000 a month in gross sales or $5,000 a month in credit card sales? If you can answer “yes” to both, you qualify!

What can I use the cash for?

Most of our clients use the money to renovate their business, replace equipment, expand or add space, advertise, etc. Others use it for emergency needs, like unexpected upgrades. You can use it for whatever business purchases you need. There are no limits!

How soon can I get the money?

The average time from receipt of contract to funding is 5-7 business days.

Do I need to change credit card processors?

No. With SignOnTheLine you are not required to switch credit card processors, though it can sometimes make the process faster. Our new ACH program ensures that businesses that do not process credit cards can still qualify.

How often are payments sent to Sign on the Line?

We do not offer monthly payment plans; instead, payments are sent daily, based off of credit card sales.

Will I get a monthly statement from Sign on the Line?

Yes, you will receive a printed monthly statement. you may also view your daily statements online by logging into a private and secure area of the Sign on the Line website.

What do you mean by Gross Volume?

Gross volume refers to your total receipts from all sources, including cash, credit cards, debit cards and checks.

What number should I call if I have any questions or concerns about my account?

You can call our Customer Care Group at 800.684.1180, during normal business hours (8am-5pm, PST).

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  • Completely hassle free.
  • Receive cash of up to 250k within four days.
  • Expand your business or add additional locations.
  • Add product lines to your business, add seasonal merchandise, meet unexpected expenses.
  • Upgrade your existing Equipment.
  • Advertise and promote your business with new marketing programs.
  • Buy out a partner.
  • Renovate your business.

About Sign On The Line

Sign on the Line is committed to your growth. We specialize in helping small to medium sized business grow from within. Using the power of their sales and experience as an asset to get the funding they need. Our dedicated staff is ready to work with you as a team in order to ensure we help you meet your goals.

Qualifying is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Have you been in business for less than three months?
  2. Are your gross monthly sales less than $15,000 a month
  3. Do you currently have an open bankruptcy?
If you answered no to these three questions, you are on your way to qualifying!